Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Images This Week--Virtual Tour of NZ Penguin Attractions

In Christchurch, New Zealand, there is a relatively new center open to visitors; it is the International Antarctic Center and it is touted as the gateway to Antarctica.

The Center is home to the New Zealand, United States and Italian Antarctic Programs and comprises administration offices, warehousing, a US & NZ clothing store, a post office and travel agency, the Antarctic Passenger Terminal and of course the Visitor Center, now known as 'The Antarctic Attraction'. The center operates a Hagglund Ride around the center's land. This is aimed mainly at children, however is an educational tool for all ages, to display the mobility of the Hagglund. The Hagglund is an Antarctic Vehicle that is still in operation. Among other attractions, there is an Antarctic snow storm room, an audiovisual, and little blue penguins at the NZ Penguin Encounter..

It is a well known tourist attraction, just a few minutes walk from the airport, with a cafe and bar.

The staff at the center also offers an educational program for groups and individuals on Antarctica and the Little Blue Penguin.

You can even watch the Little Penguins at feeding time, but check for that time as soon as you arrive, as the time may change from one day to the next.

The Little Blue Penguin display is also home to rehabilitated birds who can no longer live in the wild. Yet, here they have the opportunity to live out their lives as normally as possible. Note the little guy carrying nest material. :)

When you buy a Penguin Backstage Pass ticket you will experience an additional and exclusive tour of our 'behind the scenes' areas in the NZ Penguin Encounter.

Limited to just 8 visitors per tour, the Penguin Backstage Pass takes you into the areas not accessible to visitors, hosted by one of our Antarctic Rangers. See how our quarantine area works, learn about penguin feeding and husbandry and take your penguin knowledge to the next level!

Bookings are essential for the daily tours at 11.00am, 2.00pm and 3.00pm. Tickets are just $20.00(Please note that entry ticket must be purchased first).

And don't take my word for it--look for yourself HERE

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