Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Penguin Science and Dr. David Ainley

One of the reasons I began this blog was to have a coherent, intelligent, and reputable location that would contain as much science concerning penguins, as possible. As with most science, is does not exist in a vacuum. Obviously, biology takes the forefront when discussing penguins, but how about geology, paleontology, meteorology, and zoology? I want this gestalt snapshot of penguin research to include them all.

When another website comes along that includes those elements and that also involves cutting edge research, then I am extremely happy. Penguin Science is that place where one can spend hours reading the research, watching the videos, and taking a glance at all those adelie pictures. Dr. David Ainley heads the research there, and he has become one of the two people who are my personal heroes. The book cover to the side contains his fascinating research involving adelie penguins. Clicking HERE will take you to the page where you can order his book and also, download many of his research papers. There is also a dvd that is a two thumbs up visual exploration of how these folks do what they do and lots of footage on adelie penguins.

So, check out Penguin Science and bookmark it, as it is the leading site for education and enlightenment. This site should be totally supported by all penguin fans, for by what these folks do, they can help raise awareness to and help to solve the problems that otherwise, could eradicate those wonderful birds.

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